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Ronak Singh Brar representing Boy Scout of America, Troop 1  , Roseville  and Rocklin high School , California , volunteered to  serve  the community .He has made us so proud with his efforts.

Empowering housewives and senior citizen and underpriviledge children with free basic Information Technology Course as conducted by the Ministry of Information Technology -Government of India.

Ronak underwent a crash course of the syllabus to be taught under the supervision of Award winning trainer and operation head of SGFT , Ms. Supriya Panda, who kept  a close watch on Ronak’s progress relating to the training and execution of the training.

Ronak executed  50 hours of rigorous teaching to different segments like senior citizen , housewives and young children.

Ronak, during his execution , learnt that every customer  is different with different needs/requirement . He needed to adapt to their requirements to make his training very effective to the different  individuals he catered to.

We are so proud that he took all challenges given to him , and he executed it to the the best of his capability.

We  the managment of SGFT are so proud of Ronak .He has made his parents proud with his effort .He has made his school and scout team proud and ofcourse his country proud.